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What can we do for you?

Barista Service

Coffee specialties at the highest level set a culinary highlight at your events

Repair service

To make it work again: Our competent repair service for your espresso machine

Barista Training

Coffee is luxury! We train your staff in the correct handling of the liquid gold

Who is Starbarista?

Our Philosophy

The liquid gold – that is how we think we should see coffee today. It is much more than just the “wake-up stimulant in the morning” that you consume in a paper cup on the tram. More and more people share our philosophy and discover coffee in all its facets and enjoy the full-flavoured taste of a designated premium coffee. This is where Starbarista sets a sign and goes on the mission to present the “perfect” coffee experience for you. The effort to further improve our quality products is in our blood, and we reflect this in all of our activities. Every day, we perform our job with competence and transparency.

Our Mission

The perfect coffee experience – that is our mission. With passion and expertise, we only rely on quality products to bring this experience to your home, your café or your event. Of course, it depends on the bean, but also on the ambience that makes coffee enjoyment so special. While the bar juggling is the bartender‘s supreme discipline, the barista‘s is the latte art, which he uses to transform your coffee into a true piece of art. This is how we work live at your event.

The experience starts with the right equipment, which literally has to work at the push of a button. With our friendly, fast and capable coffee machine service we guarantee a smooth process for the repair and maintenance of your espresso machine. Our competence and the use of original parts only increase the lifetime of your machine. Convince yourself of our service.

Too often you make experience that in the restaurant after a good meal a rather bad espresso will be served. We want to change that. The staff‘s knowledge is essential: Only with well-trained personnel a perfect preparation of coffee specialties is possible. Test us as your instructor.

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